YATT::Lite version 0.0_5 ================== YATT is Yet Another Template Toolkit, aimed at Web Designers, rather than well-trained programmers. To achieve this goal, YATT provides more readable syntax for HTML/XML savvy designers, ``lint`` for static syntax checking and many safer default behaviors, ie. automatic output escaping based on argument type declaration and config file naming convention which helps access protection. YATT::Lite is template-syntax-compatible, lightweight, full rewrite of YATT with superior functionalities. INSTALLATION -------------------- It's all pure Perl, so it's ok to put the .pm files (or git repo itself) in their appropriate perl @INC path. (But see NON-STANDARD DIRECTORY STRUCTURE) The easiest way to use this distribution in your project is: git clone git://github.com/hkoba/yatt_lite.git lib/YATT # or If your project is managed in git, clone as submodule like this: git submodule add git://github.com/hkoba/yatt_lite.git lib/YATT git submodule init git submodule update To create a yatt-enabled webapp, just copy sample app.psgi and run plackup: cp lib/YATT/samples/app.psgi . mkdir html plackup Now you are ready to write your first yatt app. Open your favorite editor and create F like this: ```html

Hello &yatt:x; world!

&yatt:y; ``` Then try to access: http://0:5000/ http://0:5000/?x=foo http://0:5000/?x=foo&y=bar DOCUMENTS ---------- Basic documents are placed under YATT/Lite/docs. You can read them via: http://ylpodview-hkoba.dotcloud.com/ (But for now, most pods are not yet finished and written only in Japanese.) Also, you can run ylpodview (document viewer) locally like: cd lib plackup YATT/samples/ylpodview/approot/app.psgi and try to access http://0:5000/ NON-STANDARD DIRECTORY STRUCTURE -------------------- Unfortunately, YATT::Lite distribution doesn't conform normal CPAN style structure. This is experimental, but intentional. Because: 1. Engine(modules) and support scripts should be directly bundled together. To achieve this, scripts/* and elisp/* is placed in YATT/. 2. Since YATT::Lite is still evolving, single (system-wide) installation may not fit for multi-service site. To isolate instability risk, individual service should have its own installation of engine. To achieve this, runyatt.cgi uses runyatt.lib first. SUPPORT AND DOCUMENTATION -------------------- You can also look for Source Code Repository at: https://github.com/hkoba/yatt_lite git://github.com/hkoba/yatt_lite.git COPYRIGHT AND LICENCE -------------------- Copyright (C) 2007..2013 "KOBAYASI, Hiroaki" This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.