Date::Easter - Calculates Easter for any given year


  use Date::Easter;
  ($month, $day) = easter(1947);
  ($month, $day) = julian_easter(1987);


Calculates Easter for a given year.


Rich Bowen <>

To Do

Clearly, this should automatically select the right calculation method, based on the year that you enter. I'm actually not sure why I did not do it that way the first time. That should be in the next version.

And, of course, I need to put some real tests in

Other Comments

Yes, Date::Manip already has code in it to do this. But Date::Manip is very big, and rather slow. I needed something faster and smaller, and did not need all that other stuff. And I have a real interest in date calculations, so I thought this would be fun. Date::Manip is a very cool module. I use it myself.